Five Fang-tastic Features from ChatGPT to Use in Uni

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How to use ChatGPT without plagiarising

How to use ChatGPT without plagiarising

5 Fang-tastic Features from ChatGPT to Use in Uni

Hey folks, 

I know how tempting it is to take the shortcut when you’re facing those never-ending research papers and sleepless study nights, but I promise there are tools (ChatGPT) that can help lighten the load. No, I am not telling you to get it to churn out a full paper for you, while instructing it to “be less cringe, please” in a bid to improve it. Rather, here are some ways it can make your life 1000x easier while still making sure you’re getting the most out of those uni courses. 

1. Eerie-sistible Research 😶‍🌫️

Whether you’re diving into a thesis project or working on a complex assignment, ChatGPT can be your research assistant. It can provide concise summaries of research papers, answer questions on specific topics, and even suggest additional sources or keywords to explore.

2. Re-fear-ence List 💀

There’s nothing worse than churning out a paper on its due date, and then realising you’ve still got to face the bibliography. If you’re using ChatGPT, you can throw in your in the required info on the source, and you can get it to churn out a full citations list. It can also help you organise it (like in alphabetical order) if you give it a list, or help with citing a quote.

3. Voca-boo-lary and Spell-ing 🔮🪄

Instead of using ChatGPT to write your essays, it can help by suggesting style improvements, rectifying sneaky grammar errors, and offering creative ideas when you hit a roadblock. If I’m stuck on phrasing, I like to throw in half-baked ideas at it just to get the ball rolling.

4. Cursed Course Companion 🧙

If you’re not being as productive as you’d like with your study group, or are just lacking mates, ChatGPT is actually quite decent in that department. It can help explain some tricky concepts to you (without getting frustrated after the Nth time), but my favourite is getting it to come up with quiz questions. If you’ve already shot GPT your textbook to summarise, it can then fire out some top revision quiz questions for use down the line.

5. Translation Transylvania 🧛

For those diving into the world of new languages, ChatGPT is a much less annoying alternative to that one mate who spent a summer abroad and won’t stop throwing Spanish phrases at you. You can have conversations, get it to translate, break down conjugations, create quizzes. or join you for interactive language exercises. The only thing is it won’t count to that Duo Lingo streak. 

There ya go ladies and gents. Hopefully, these come in handy. Honestly, my biggest takeaway from writing this (totally without the help of ChatGPT, I promise) is that it really has no problems bigging itself up. Maybe, if we were all a bit more confident in our abilities, like ChatGPT, it would go a long way. Wow. Truly the gift that keeps giving. 

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