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Connect with emerging talent ready for any role — from Projects and Apprenticeships to Placements and Perm Hire. Our AI-driven platform matches your business needs with skilled individuals, fostering growth and innovation in a competitive world.

Connect with emerging talent ready for any role — from Projects and Apprenticeships to Placements and Perm Hire

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The diverse range of talent and skills on offer has enabled us to connect with graduates. Unibeez has been particularly valuable due to the efficiency of the hiring process.

Engine B

The platform is intuitive, time effective, and has great a candidate base.

Arrows Group Global

The process was easy and cost efficient and I was able to attract top talent to our firm. I will continue to use Unibeez to attract new talent.

Anderson Strategy

I spent years trying and failing to work out how to access student talent, now Unibeez has opened up that whole market and solved the entire problem.

Orb Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Talent Search function allows you to directly source the skills, courses and criteria you’re looking for. Enter your requirements and our tech will curate the top candidates for you, in seconds. No more sorting through thousands of CVs.

Create a job or search directly for the talent you need. Message those that look promising. Agree a start date. Book them for the role, and activate when they start. We hand payroll and invoice you – easy!

Projects, internships, placements, and permanent hire. Once you have an account, you can post as many jobs as you want at no extra cost, and hire as many students as you need to.

Hours are really flexible, so although we advertise no less than ten hours of work, we understand that sometimes it’s not always the case, so students can input however many hours they’ve worked, up to 40 each week.

There are a few ways you can hire someone permanently. You can post a job, hire candidates you have engaged with on projects/internships etc. or you can search for the talent you might need. All you need to do is set the requirements, interview, and hire.

As soon as you post a job, you will start to receive applicants. We match you with the top students based on skills, so it’s important to include as many of the skills you need in your job post. If you don’t want to wait, you can try our Talent Search.

Whether you need a one-off job, a rolling project filled, an intern, a placement student or a graduate; once you’re sure you’ve found the right person for you, you just need to activate the job on the platform and get to work

We believe in paying all students a fair wage for the work they do. The £12 an hour includes their holiday pay, so if they take any time off, it’s unpaid. We realise sometimes budgets are tight, however we don’t advertise unpaid internships.

Timesheets run weekly and are all managed on platform. You have 48 hours to verify the time submitted by your employee. Hours are flexible. Students can do fewer or more than the advertised amount. We only pay and charge for the work they have done.

For internships and projects we payroll candidates for you and send an invoice for the hours they’ve worked at your agreed rate. We charge £2.50p/h & pay ENI. We verify all candidates right to work in the UK.

Payments are made by card, with invoice options for corporate accounts. We payroll the students weekly and charge on the same rota (if you need different invoicing terms we can help).

We invite you to join us on our journey to level the playing

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