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Launch your career effortlessly with Unibeez. A single digital profile opens doors to varied career paths, from Projects and Apprenticeships to Placements and Perm Hire, letting you focus on what matters as we bring the right roles to you.

Launch your career effortlessly with Unibeez. A single digital profile

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No businesses can find you if you’re invisible. Build your digital profile and be discovered.
Earn while you learn

Earn while you learn



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Start your career

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I am earning money whilst gaining valuable experience in an industry I want to have a career in. I am definitely more employable now, I just wished I had found the platform earlier!

Newcastle University

I have thoroughly enjoyed working through Unibeez and it has been great to come up with my own ideas for something that might be implemented into the SkyGo app in the future.

University of Warwick
ENU-logo (1)

Unibeez has been the starting point I needed to get into my industry and is also an amazing opportunity to make money while at university. I would strongly advise other students to try out the platform.

Edinburgh Napier University

It’s been the most incredible experience..I’ve managed to get a 6 month contract working with Just Giving ! Unibeez has allowed me to gain marketing experience and supported me every step of the way.

The University of Lancaster

5 key questions that candidates are asking

Frequently Asked Questions

You get paid weekly by us (Unibeez); starting two weeks after your first timesheet has been approved by your hirer. If your employer tries to pay you directly or alters the terms of your engagement off our platform, let us know. Minimum pay is £12/h! 

Yes – that’s exactly what we’re here for, to find you work! But you do need to let us know so we can do the paperwork with your hirer.

Yes! Your Unibeez digital profile can act as your CV, so keep it updated. You can send your profile link to any potential employer, on or off our platform. Any work you carry out through Unibeez will automatically be added to your profile. 

Anybody who is over 18 and either at University, going to University, on a Gap Year or a recent Graduate.

Complete your profile! Make sure you add all the skills you have as more complete profiles have more chances of getting a job. Then add your Right to Work details, and stay connected and communicative to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity. 

Log back into the platform regularly to check your messages. Always reply promptly to hirers. Make sure you’re on time for calls and interviews, and always let hirers know if your are interested in the job or not.

An employer thinks you’re a good fit for their role, likes your profile and wants to speak to you about work.