Which Animal Are you

Which Animal Are you

Which of the four main personality types, (or animals) are you?!

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Panther, Peacock, Dolphin, Owl…what’s Your Professional Personality Type?

Yes, you’re a human being, but did you also know you’re either a panther, peacock, dolphin, or owl?!

The theory is that there are four main personality types, or animals. Most people are a combination of two or three, with one dominant animal. Why does this matter? Well, when you enter the world of work, you want to be seen as a rounded, balanced person, who works well with all types of people (or animals!). Knowing your type gives you a useful insight into your strengths and weaknesses, and this kind of self-knowledge will help you to build and develop harmonious workplace relations. So, which animal are you?


Born to lead, panthers love being in control. Their greatest strength is their productivity; they have the discipline to work all hours to get the job done. They are decisive visionaries, who love focussing on the big picture.

If you’re a panther…

Slow down! Although it’s great to be decisive, you risk acting impulsively, without thinking things through. You could also benefit by paying more attention to the detail. Make sure you actively listen to other people as you may be very intimidating. And remember to offset your fierce work ethic with plenty of relaxation, to avoid burning out.


No surprises here, peacocks are natural socialites who love being the centre of attention. They are full of energy and place a high value on fun and creating happy environments for others. They find it easy to talk to strangers and are brilliant at networking.

If you’re a peacock…

Learn to listen! Your default is to dominate the conversation, which can make others feel frustrated or unheard. You also need to be a bit more detail orientated, or you may risk coming across as disorganised, or unfocussed and undisciplined.


Dolphins make much-loved team players. They give freely, listen to others and are naturally easy-going. Their sensitivity makes them excellent at building relationships, and they have a genuine interest in other people. However, they don’t like change and can be slow to make decisions.

If you’re a dolphin…

Be mindful that some people don’t want to share their private lives at work. Learn to give people space, not everyone is as gregarious as you are! To avoid coming off as indecisive, try applying some of that social confidence to your decision making.


Owls are the big thinkers. Quiet, detail-orientated, and task-driven, they only open their mouths when they have something of value to share. This means people listen when they speak and they have a great reputation for wisdom. They don’t enjoy change; in fact their most prized value is security.

If you’re an owl…

Try sharing a little more. Your silence, combined with your reputation for immense intelligence, can intimidate others and may make you seem a little superior. Also try pushing yourself out your comfort zone once in a while, and recognise that not all change is bad!If you’re still not sure which animal you are, this online test includes insight from a clinical and forensic neuropsychologist.Panther, Peacock, Dolphin, Owl…what’s Your