Which summer cocktail are you

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Summer is here, the sun is finally out, and we can’t think of a better excuse for a refreshing seasonal drink.

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Summer cocktail

Summer cocktail

Which Summer Cocktail Are You

Summer is here, the sun is finally out, and we can’t think of a better excuse for a refreshing seasonal drink. 

All in the name of career development, of course, and alcohol is entirely optional. 

We thought you could have some fun working on your office ‘persona’ and match your personality to a classic summer cocktail! 

Check out your choices…

Pina Colada 

OK, there might be a bit of friendly office banter about your lack of maturity or sophistication –  after all, you’re probably the youngest person in the room – but your good-natured sweetness means you’re the one that your colleagues find most palatable. 

On the one hand this is a really positive start, on the other there is the risk that you might not be taken seriously. Try asking your boss how they think you could improve at work…then make sure that you act on their advice! 


Good Mojito’s take some time to create, but as long as they’re correctly prepared, they’re always worth the wait. You might be slower than others to complete your work, but everything you finish is of the highest standard. 

Just remember that sometimes done is better than perfect. It’s all about prioritising. Analyse your current work project; what are the most important deliverables? Allocate more time to them to achieve a productive balance between speed and accuracy. 

Bloody Mary

You don’t beat around the bush, so we won’t. If you’re a Bloody Mary, you’re a love-me-or-loathe-me type character. Just like some find the mix of tomato juice and spices a bit too much, some people may occasionally find you a bit much too. 

Don’t. Change. A. Thing. Because you’re probably already your own person. You probably stand for something and live life on your own terms. Bravo we say! It might take a few goes, but once you’ve found the right work environment, you’ll be absolutely adored. There are enough tepid spritzers in this world anyway. 

Buck’s Fizz

Although you’re seen as elegant and refined, there’s definitely a twinkle in your eye! As sophisticated as Buck’s Fizz is, it is also known as the brunch cocktail, i.e. a socially acceptable way of drinking before lunchtime. 

If you’re a Buck’s Fizz kind of person then colleagues will admire you for your discretion, maturity and polish, but they’ll love you for your occasional naughtiness too. The trick is to be orange juice at work, and champagne in the bar afterwards. 


A satisfying mix of sweet and salty, you’re a well-rounded character who delivers with a little bit of a kick! This is great because your sweet side never becomes cloying or false, and you feel comfortable sometimes saying no, and sharing what you really think. 

Focus on developing both aspects of yourself; empathetic kindness and straightforward honesty. Although colleagues might not always like what you say, they’ll know that you’re authentic, that they can trust you, and that you’re coming from a good place. 

Still not sure which summer cocktail you are? Perhaps it’s time to go out and sample a few, to make sure? Just remember, you’re doing this for work, not fun… 

Summer cocktail
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