Surviving Freshers: From Pints to Paracetamol

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Surviving Freshers: From Pints to Paracetamol

Your first week at university, often fondly referred to as Freshers’ Week, is a whirlwind of excitement, new friendships, and unforgettable experiences. To ensure you make the most of this unforgettable time, we’ve got three game-changing tips that will have you embracing the university adventure like a pro.

1. Friendships and Day Trips: Explore Your New Home

Making friends is one of the most exciting parts of Freshers’ Week. Once you’ve found your squad, why not embark on a day trip adventure together? Exploring your new surroundings can be a fantastic bonding experience. 

Whether it’s a trip to a nearby town, a hike in the countryside, or a visit to a local attraction, these adventures create lasting memories. Plus, it’s a chance to discover hidden gems, sample local cuisine, and get to know your new friends on a whole new level.

2. The Morning After: Surviving Like a Pro

Let’s face it – Freshers’ Week often comes with its fair share of parties and late nights. But it’s important to be prepared for the morning after the carnage. 

Keep a pint of water by your bed (should be your last chug of the night), and don’t forget the lifesaving paracetamol. Berocca, the trusty vitamin-packed fizzy tablet, can work wonders in replenishing those nutrients. It’s a Freshers’ Week essential!

3. Student Giveaways: Score Big

Freshers’ Week is your golden ticket to snagging incredible student giveaways. Universities and local businesses often offer freebies that can make your student life easier and more enjoyable. 

From free food samples and vouchers to discounted subscriptions and exclusive access to activities, these giveaways can save you money and introduce you to exciting new experiences. Keep an eye out for flyers, stalls, and events offering these fantastic perks. One of our favourite is Gastrostudent where we’ll get you 25% off on student meal kits (you’re welcome).

Embrace the fun, the laughter, and the moments that will become cherished memories. This is your time to shine, to learn, and to grow, all while having a blast. Welcome to Freshers’, where the excitement is boundless, and the possibilities are endless.

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