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Three TikTokers you NEED to follow.

Here are our top three TikTokers you need to follow for helpful pointers and advice.

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Three TikTokers you NEED to follow

Let’s face it, TikTok is everyone’s guilty pleasure. 

Do you get a kick out of trying to learn the happy-clappy dances that go viral? Or are the outrageous story times more up your street? Either way, there is something for everyone. 

You’ll find yourself scrolling for hours, and before you know it, you’re down a rabbit hole. It happens to the best of us. So don’t be surprised when this highly addictive app gives you mild repetitive strain injury in your thumb. 🤕

Why not do something a bit more productive with your time and follow the below accounts so you can learn something useful? That way, you won’t feel so guilty about whiling away the hours when your weekly screen time notification rears its ugly head. 😬

We’ve selected three top-tier accounts that will give you helpful pointers and advice. 🔥

1. @nishatcooks

First up is Nishat, a Biochemistry PhD student from London whose TikTok is dedicated to all things food. 🍔😍

As you can imagine, her account is perfect for foodies. But it’s also great for those feeling uninspired about what to rustle up for dinner or who don’t know the first thing about cooking. In fact, having her videos on your For You page is like having a mini-Jamie Oliver in your pocket (well, almost). 

She shares some of THE BEST affordable meals that are a life-saver for students whose finances are a bit tight. And her mouth-watering spreads aren’t your bog-standard chicken nuggets and chips (which we know tends to be the evening default when you can’t be bothered to cook). Don’t worry; this is a judgement-free zone. 🫣

Plus, if you’re a certified sweet tooth, she has recipes for high-protein pancakes, a Victoria sponge cake, chocolate fudge cookies, AND a salted caramel cheesecake. 🥞🍰🍪

What’s not to like?


Next is Lucy, a law student at Durham University whose account contains life-saving hacks for all things Uni. 💻

Want to improve your grades? Need to brush up on your essay writing technique?

Then look no further. In her final year of Uni and on track for a first-class honours degree, there is no better person to share her wisdom and what she’s learnt over the years. She certainly knows the tricks of the trade.  💡

Her account is full of helpful advice, and she gives her followers the low-down on all the important stuff, like how to get the best possible grade in your assignments. One of her most popular videos to date is a list of common mistakes students make that sabotage their chances of securing top marks in their essays. Which we’re sure you would agree is something we could all do with knowing about. ✍️

The bottom line is that her account is a must-have on any student’s FYP. And if one thing’s for sure, you’ll wish you had followed her sooner! 🤝

3. @studentbeans

Navigating your twenties and studying at Uni can be (for lack of a better word) stressful. So for the third and final suggestion, we thought we’d end on a light-hearted note. 

Student Beans’ TikTok content will provide much-needed light relief and get you through the semester. One video at a time. In our humble opinion, no student’s FYP would be complete without their videos on there.

Their account has the whole shebang. And while all their videos are great, our personal favourites are the relatable POVs about procrastinating, constantly having an empty fridge and leaving your assignments until the last minute (to name just a few!) Because if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. 🤣

What’s more, they are committed to “making student life a little sweeter and a lot cheaper” and offer fantastic discounts on their site on your favourite brands and restaurants (as well as the occasional freebie now and then). 💰

These TikTokers bring different things to the table and touch on topics at the forefront of students’ minds. Nishat with her cooking masterclasses, Lucy with her study tips on how to be at the top of the class, and last but certainly not least, Student Beans with their bundle of laughs. 🥘‍💻😂

You can thank us later. 👌

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