Three Ways to Earn Money Ahead of Your Upcoming Holiday
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Three Ways to Earn Money Ahead of Your Upcoming Holiday

Three foolproof ways to earn some money that don’t involve relying on the bank of Mum and Dad and to stay out of your overdraft.



Three Ways to Earn Money Ahead of Your Upcoming Holiday

Do you wish that money grew on trees? We do too. Sadly we can’t offer up that option, but do you want to know some ways you can earn money whilst you’re studying at Uni (or on hols) that isn’t your bog-standard job at a café? 

Then look no further. We’ve come up with three foolproof ways to earn some money that don’t involve relying on the bank of Mum and Dad and to stay out of your overdraft. Keep on reading to become the next king or queen of side hustles. 💰

1. Sign-up to find well-paid remote roles on Unibeez

Yep, a shameless self-promo, but someone’s got to do it! Our platform offers well-paid, remote work for students and graduates. So you can earn whilst you learn (or whilst you lie in bed until 3 p.m. because you’ve snoozed your alarm and have missed your lecture, or when your on hols). The choice is yours. 

The wide variety of roles work around you and your busy schedule, offering lots of flexibiity. So if you’re looking to top up your bank balance, you’ve come to the right place. In case you didn’t know, the minimum wage for all jobs on the platform is £12ph and the average student earns £1,250 for every project they complete! Two things we’re sure will be music to your ears. 🤑

We appreciate that landing a job can be a bit of a catch-22. You need experience to get a job, but you can’t get a job without having experience. But that’s where we come in. You’ll gain invaluable experience from the myriad of roles we have on offer and earn some extra cash too. It’s a win-win. 😎

We’ve worked with great companies such as Sky, Savills, Penguin Random House, JustGiving and many more. Could you be their next employee?

There’s only one way to find out.

2. Become a Student Brand Ambassador

Are you a people person? Are you considering a career in the events industry when you leave Uni? Then we might have single-handedly found the perfect part-time job for you: being a Student Brand Ambassador. 

Become a Student Brand Ambassador for a company like Fixr and you’ll have heaps of fun working with like-minded people and at their regular team social events. This role will fit night owls or extraverts like a glove. Not least because you’ll be getting paid to socialise, which sounds like any student’s dream job if you ask us. 🕺🏼

Not your average 9-5; the power is in your hands as to how many hours you work per week. You’ll spend your time promoting the brand and getting event organisers to sign-up to their services (you’ll also earn a £35 commission for each one). There are prizes for meeting monthly tasks on the cards, and if luck is on your side, you might even win flights to Ibiza! 😍

Plus, if your application is successful, you can refer a friend, and if they also get hired, you’ll both get a £25 reward!

3. Sell clothes you no longer wear 

Have you thought about having a clear out your wardrobe? And while this might seem a bit obvious, please bear with us. 

Online marketplaces are a great way to earn some extra cash, do your bit for the planet, and, more importantly, make room for new additions. 👀

So if you’re guilty of hoarding clothes that are collecting dust or want to finally get rid of the  unwanted bits and bobs that are taking up valuable wardroe space, then Depop, Vinted, and Facebook Marketplace (to name but a few) are just what you need. 90% of the 29m users on Depop are under 26, so there is no better place to flog your vintage Nike hoodies and Y2K baggy cargo trousers. 

Plus, if you’ve got an upcoming fancy dress social, there are bargains on costumes and accessories that have usually only had one or two wears. From a swashbuckling pirate to an Oktoberfest-goer, you will find an outfit for just about any theme. Costumes cost a pretty penny if you buy them brand-spanking new. So pre-loved clothes are the way forward. More importantly, you can sell YOUR cast-offs once you’ve worn them to make a quick buck. Ker-ching ker-ching. 💸💸